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Dutch Protestant theologian who founded Arminianism which opposed the absolute predestinarianism of John Calvin (1559-1609)

German hero


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Relational theologies incorporate at least the spirit of Arminius by espousing numerous interrelated tenets, even though the theologies are conceptually diverse as well.
This seems fair enough, but the dedication, on the other hand, of the play Arminius to the Duke of Cumberland reveals the play to be 'unashamedly Hanoverian', and thus to the bonum of the ruling family.
Here Thusnelda, captured wife of the German leader Arminius, defies Germanicus:
Tel: 320-294-5900 Products: Arminius Tooling customers achieve excellent surface qualities on natural woods, veneer and MDF panels.
94) Arminius offered four decrees according to which God's first desire was to save all (universal ism); only subsequently did he elect those who accept the grace offered in Christ.
32) Luther was held in the same esteem as German national heroes past and present--from Arminius to Otto von Bismarck--and recognized as the embodiment of Germanness and a foil against foreign (read: Catholic) influence.
5) Book 2 of the Annals ends with an encomium of Rome's great adversary Arminius, liberator of Germany, whose deeds are rarely recorded by Greek and Roman historians, Tacitus regrets, because the Greeks admire only themselves and the Romans admire only the past: "Graecorum annalibus ignotus, qui sua tantum mirantur, Romanis haud perinde celebris, dum vetera extollimus recentium incuriosi" (2.
After a Roman army under Publius Quinctilius Varus fell in defeat to Germanic tribes led by the rebel Arminius in 9 A.
The false start analysis system Alge timing StartJudge SJ consists of: starting blocks with attached motion sensors, startgun Arminius 9 mm STP, printer P5", microphone SM8, central unit "Start Judge Controller SJC", amplifier PA888.
Methodist missionary Arminius Young in 1916 wrote of these men: "Nearly a hundred and fifty years ago Englishmen began to settle in Labrador .
Arminius, Arminianism, and Europe; Jacobus Arminius (1559/60-1609).
63) It is no wonder that the nineteenth century witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of missionaries arriving in Muslim lands, as well as Orientalist masqueraders embarking on hazardous journeys into the very heart of Islam: Goldziher's patron and main benefactor Arminius Vambery went to Istanbul in 1857; in 1863, he disguised himself as a dervish ("Rashid Effendi") and visited Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Herat; (64) Hurgronje arrived in Jeddah on August 28, 1884, publicly proclaimed shahadah and entered Makka on January 21, 1885; (65) Gustav Weil (1808-89) spent more than four years in Cairo (1931-53), teaching French at the new Egyptian medical school established by Muhammad Ali Pasha (r.
For instance, the supernatural reading of the text (the paranoid one, according to this essay) may be said to be reinforced by Van Helsing's reference to the Hungarian-born linguist and orientalist Arminius Vambery, whose works about vampire folklore Stoker actually employed for the writing of Dracula (1993: 309).
Hermann, or Arminius as the Romans called him, is credited in Germany with blunting the Roman advance into Germany.