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In place of the Formula, Turretin emphasized the unifying force of the liturgy, which he helped revise to reflect his Arminian theology.
In general, the Calvinistic Baptists grew more rapidly during the seventeenth century than did the Arminian Baptists, in part because Calvinism "was more widely acceptable to the majority of earnest Christians of the day than Arminianism.
If you speak to a man about his soul, he will ask you, `Are you an Arminian or a Calvinist?
Sermons by the local Calvinist militants Robert Bolton and Joseph Bentham, the moderate Puritan Edward Reynolds, and the Arminian conformist Peter Hausted are read alongside the spiritual diary of the Northampton steward Robert Woodford, the devotional confessions of the godly Elizabeth Isham, and the unpublished letters of the Laudian controversialist Robert Sibthorpe.
It is likely therefore that aspects from Arminian and Calvinist theologies can be found within the same individual, or subgroup of individuals.
Summary: Lebanese of Arminian origin held several commemorations across Lebanon
A wandering Arminian was my grandfather (with apologies to Deuteronomy 26:5).
Visiting the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate and the Arminian Orthodox Archdioceseon the centennial anniversary of the Ottoman genocide of "Seyfo" against the Syriacs and the Armenians and other nations, al-Sayyed indicated that the genocide proves to the whole world that what is taking place in Syria nowadays of killing and destruction at the hands of the neo-Ottomans stresses that they have nothing to do with Islam.
Calvinist and Arminian conversion motifs differentiated Baptists from the start.
This Arminian change is specifically reflected in Hale's argument that natural law serves the goal of making salvation possible for virtuous pagans with no knowledge of Judeo-Christian scripture.
Gorlaeus's arrival at Leiden to study theology came just as the uproar over Conrad Vorstius and the Arminian heresy was beginning.
Rather, she was still writing, still advertising, and still seeking publication; her "Elegy on Leaving --" had appeared in the Arminian Magazine only five months before she passed.
You, Egoist, or Pantheist, or Arminian, busy in making straight paths for your feet on the hills, do not see it clearly,--this terrible question which men here have gone mad and died trying to answer" (Davis 14).
points to the use of the antipelagian works in the Baianist controversy in Catholic Leuven and the Arminian controversy in Calvinist Leiden.
McCall is an evangelical of the Arminian persuasion who teaches systematica at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerheld, 111.