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German hero

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Armin loved nothing more than to take long drives and explore the many back roads of Randolph County.
In Armin Veh we have hired someone for this position who fulfills all of our criteria," Cologne's president, Werner Spinner, said.
Armin also praised the quality of education in the NGOs' schools.
Armin also added: "Of course there will be a human host as well.
Armin Van Buuren, legendary Dutch trance producer and four-time World Number 1 DJ, captured lightning in a bottle and almost blew the roof off Meydan Racecourse's Grandstand with a thunderous set before 10,000 screaming fans on Friday evening.
Even though the play also contains the artificial fool Tutch, Armin emphasizes the natural fool John, whom he affectionately calls "my old acquaintance, lack, whose life I knew.
Armin and I usually bought secondhand Italian fumetti stuff from a big fat gypsy who sat all day outside some municipal building in central Banja Luka, right across from the shopping mall Boska, where my mother got a job after eight years in the cellophane factory Incel.
Armada Music was founded in June, 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis, whose names stand for ArMaDa.
Armin explained to me that his father was deeply ashamed about the war years.
After spending almost three years renting a two-bedroom flat on Gateshead Quayside, Armin Talic and fiancee Natasha Courtney, 28, were keen to benefit from the financial security of owning their own home.
Education Secretary Armin Luistro, in DepEd Memorandum No.
The other exco members are Gudrun Middendorff and Meke Imbili respectively Treasurer and Secretary, Waldi Fritzsche, Danica Smith, Claus Dau, Armin Jagdhuber, Werner Schlierkamp, Paolo de Oliveira, Rolf Heinrich, Tommie Britz, Heinz Remmert, Issy Karaerua, Emiliano Benolich and Hugo Hausmann.
Von Armin was succesful and the BVerfG cancelled the provision.
In addition, word revisions occurred in just 12 percent of the songs before Armin, but afterwards, their frequency doubled to 24 percent, with Armin singing up to 62 percent of the revised songs.