Armillariella mellea

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a honey-colored edible mushroom commonly associated with the roots of trees in late summer and fall

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elata growth is mostly dependent on the fungus Armillaria mellea (Muszynska et al.
A Polysaccharide from Armillaria mellea exhibits strong in vitro anticancer activity via apoptosis-involved mechanisms.
The nest cup lining contained a large amount of rootlets and rhizomorphs of Armillaria mellea.
Una nueva forma de Armillaria mellea de las dunas litorales de la provincia de Cadiz (S.
elata, and the relationship with the purported symbiont, Armillaria mellea (e.
A tree survey has now found the honey fungus, Armillaria mellea, the most aggressive of this type of fungi in the UK, caused the tree to fall.
Nature of the "black line" produced between different biological species of the Armillaria mellea complex.
The fungi Armillaria mellea is a prime example of a species that often disrupts the cambium of healthy trees.
The oak trees suffering from drought were attacked by the mushroom Armillaria mellea.
and Armillaria mellea were the most common fungal pathogens associated with mango [2].
All three of these symptoms tell me that the hedge is almost certainly dying a painful death from the effects of Armillaria mellea, the Honey Fungus or Bootlace fungus that is so common on woody subjects.
A new Armillaria mellea variant from tops of coastal sand dunes in southern Spain.
Este porta-enxerto e tolerante aos nematoides galicos (Meloidogyne ssp); alem disso, as primeiras investigacoes experimentais indicam que e resistente a Phytophtora cinnamoni e tolerante a Armillaria mellea.