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Synonyms for armiger

a squire carrying the armor of a knight


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a nobleman entitled to bear heraldic arms

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Also, dengue mosquitoes thrive in clean, stagnant water while the culex and armigeres live in polluted water.
In contrast with dengue mosquitoes who bite during the day, the culex and Armigeres mosquitoes bite at night.
of clusters % positive positive (n = 70) clusters Aedes 61 87 Culex 15 21 Anopheles 6 9 Armigeres 26 37 Others (Lutzia fuscanus) 2 3 Table 2.
Taxonomic identification revealed fifteen species of mosquitoes belonging to five genera Culex, Anopheles, Aedes, Culiseta and Armigeres.
B2, R1, scutellaris(Walker) R2 Armigeres (Armigeres) R1, W1 subalbatus (Coquillett) Anopheles (Anopheles) B1, R1, baezaiGater R2, W3 An.
bitaeniorhynchus, Armigeres obturbans, Anopheles maculatus maculates, An.
Six species each belonging to genus Culex and Anopheles, two species to genus Aedes and one species each to genus Armigeres and genus Mansonia were collected.