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Synonyms for Armenian

a native or inhabitant of Armenia

the Indo-European language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan

a writing system having an alphabet of 38 letters in which the Armenian language is written

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Involuntarily he noticed a Georgian or Armenian family consisting of a very handsome old man of Oriental type, wearing a new, cloth-covered, sheepskin coat and new boots, an old woman of similar type, and a young woman.
he almost shouted, putting the child, who began screaming, on the ground, and again looking at the Frenchman and the Armenian family.
The beautiful Armenian still sat motionless and in the same attitude, with her long lashes drooping as if she did not see or feel what the soldier was doing to her.
While Pierre was running the few steps that separated him from the Frenchman, the tall marauder in the frieze gown was already tearing from her neck the necklace the young Armenian was wearing, and the young woman, clutching at her neck, screamed piercingly.
I was taken to the slave-market, and was purchased by a rich Armenian.
We will apply to your loins the great defensive composed of cerate, Armenian bole, white of egg, oil, and vinegar.
For example, an author of one of such articles, writes about how the Jewish state interferes in the life of Arabs and Armenians, apparently making an awkward attempt to demonstrate certain affinity with the Arabs, and expresses joy regarding the news about the downed Israeli F-16 jet.
Although the relocation of Armenians as a historical event occurred over 100 years ago, it still remains on the agenda of policymakers and academics today It is accurate to say that the Armenian question is one of the important issues limiting Turkeys role in international politics, and deeply impacting relations between Turkey, Armenia and the Armenian diaspora, whose respective discourses on the relocation of Armenians clash with each other and prevent the development of good relations between the Turkish and Armenian people.
We are Egyptian Armenians (Photo: Still from official trailer) The documentary revolves around the Armenian community that resided in Egypt after fleeing from the 1915 genocide.
cultural values, and assured that Armenia will always be alongside the Diaspora Armenians.
A vehement Syrian condemnation of the notorious Genocide, which took place on April 24, 1915 claiming the lives of around two million Armenians, was expressed at the global forum "Against the Crime of Genocide" yesterday.
From just a handful who came here in 1977, there are over 10,000 Armenians in the UAE now
The Armenians can regard themselves as truly indigenous, with links to the ancient Hittites who once dominated the entire area, but Turks conquered the last Armenian state, Cilicia, overwhelmed the old Greek cities along the coast, and eventually stormed Constantinople.
5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 -- is viewed by scholars as a precursor to the Holocaust that erased 6 million Jews.
Dean Raymond said one thing Canadian Anglicans could learn from the Armenians is how to keep their culture and traditions alive.