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a writing system having an alphabet of 38 letters in which the Armenian language is written


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The passages are in the Armenian script followed by English translation.
Aside from the church, only two other features confirm I am even in the right place - they are two placards, written in Armenian script.
Its tragically hopeful inscription, in Armenian script, reads: "Hail to you hill, temple of nature, allow your heap obelisk to be a reminiscence that preserves your novice name from century to century, long live the radiant great Mekhitar.
Let me close this review with a discussion of a controversial article published in the journal Le Museon 107 (1994): 317-33, in which Russell proposes that the Armenian script is derived not primarily from Greek, but from a form of Aramaic script.
the Kipchak Turkie texts in Armenian script from the Podolian Armenian colonies of Eastern Poland in the sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries.
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