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a writing system having an alphabet of 38 letters in which the Armenian language is written


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Aside from the church, only two other features confirm I am even in the right place - they are two placards, written in Armenian script.
Its tragically hopeful inscription, in Armenian script, reads: "Hail to you hill, temple of nature, allow your heap obelisk to be a reminiscence that preserves your novice name from century to century, long live the radiant great Mekhitar.
Let me close this review with a discussion of a controversial article published in the journal Le Museon 107 (1994): 317-33, in which Russell proposes that the Armenian script is derived not primarily from Greek, but from a form of Aramaic script.
Muradyan notes that Gregory's homily on Basil was known to Koriun, whose biography of Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian script, is the earliest original work in Armenian.
the Kipchak Turkie texts in Armenian script from the Podolian Armenian colonies of Eastern Poland in the sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries.
Merguerian deals with the efforts of nineteenth-century American missionaries to circulate the Bible among Armenians in Turkey: at first in classical Armenian, then in Turkish with Armenian script (with an eye to its use among Muslim Turks?
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