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the Indo-European language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan

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We hold masses once every two weeks and Armenian language classes are held every Saturday," said Father Mesrob.
There are also projects for elementary, middle and high school, 1000 pupils being integrated in the national school system, with Eastern Armenian language classes being taught for the language harmonization (Personal Interview, 13th of May, 2014).
The visit coincides with two major occasions: the 270th anniversary celebrating the construction of this historic convent, and the 500th anniversary celebrating the publication of the first book of prayers in the Armenian language, which was written by monk Hagop Megabard who has been immortalized in a bronze sculpture which will be unveiled by the pope this Saturday.
The Armenian language, distantly related to Greek, has a unique alphabet.
Nourhanne revealed that she is in the process of preparing for a new song sung in the Armenian language.
The Armenian language is part of the Indo-European family and its alphabet is unique.
Their minority rights therefore mainly encompass the maintenance of the Armenian language to the extent that it is part of the Armenian Apostolic or Uniate Armenian rites.
An Ideal Owner Possesses A Good Knowledge Of The Armenian Language, Advertising Experience And Enjoys Growing Businesses To Their Highest Potential.
He examines how the Armenian intelligentsia formulated, articulated, and popularized modern Eastern Armenian language, culture, and national identity within the pages of the Russian Armenian journals Hyusisap'ayl (Northern Lights, 1858-1864), Mshak (Cultivator/Tiller, 1872-1921), P'ordz (Effort, 1876-1881), and Murch (Hammer, 1889-1907), while also drawing from some other Armenian- and Russian-language periodicals and published monographs, memoirs, and letters.
Living in an abandoned preschool with no running water had never been part of that dream, but after eight weeks of Armenian language classes, that's where Malkasian found herself in October 2005.
The history of great Kurdish ruler Salahaddin al-Ayubi (1138-93) tells us that in 1187, his empire decreed an order allowing the use of the Armenian language so that Armenians could write down their culture and religion and have freedom of expression; he didn't decree any decision to encourage his nation (the Kurdish nation) to practice the Kurdish language and develop Kurdish culture.
Local stations can no longer use the Armenian language programs produced by foreign broadcasters including the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
An Assembly bill that would improve Armenian language instruction in public schools has passed its first test by winning committee approval.
The Armenian language is unique from other Indo-European languages, with its own distinct letters and grammar.
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