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a writing system having an alphabet of 38 letters in which the Armenian language is written


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Nina Katchadourian's "Accent Elimination" video about Armenian Americans who struggle with the standard American accent; "Streetlights of Memory" by Melik Ohanian -- a project that never came through in Geneva under pressure from Ankara; "Letters from Lost Paradise" by Hera BE-yE-ktaE-cyyan, written in the Armenian alphabet, depicting Lord Byron's desk, who learned Armenian on the island; and Haig Ayvazian's "Udi Hrant" work, which creates a sarcophagus out of a lute, are particularly interesting.
The ship is dedicated to Mesrob Mashdots, philosopher and founder of the Armenian alphabet in 405.
The second edition of the second translated book titled Alpha Be Jeya Kirmaniji and Armenian is in the Kirmanji dialect, in the Armenian alphabet, and again was published and printed in Istanbul with the assistance of Armenian authors and saints.
In 1921, Armenian author Hagob Gazarian Lazo, in Echmiadzin city (near Yerevan) in the Soviet Union, formulated the Armenian alphabet into the Kurdish language and published it in an illustrated book titled Shamis; special Kurdish phonetics were added to the Armenian alphabet in the book.
But these are superficial problems, and underneath the surface is a country with a fascinating history and a friendly people willing to help lost tourists unable to read Russian script or the Armenian alphabet.
Just as the "Magnificent Twenty-Three" dispensed their wisdom to their subjects and consequently the world, so Baliozian prods us, quoting Mesrob Mashdots (inventor of the Armenian alphabet, circa 404 A.
Indeed it was at that time that the Latin letter `f' was incorporated into the Armenian alphabet, a factor which provides a terminus post quem of the thirteenth century for a variant of the History of Thomas.
A century later, scholar-priest Mesrob Mashdotz began developing the Armenian alphabet.
The Armenian alphabet was also used for books written in the Kurdish language of the Ottoman Empire from the end of the 19th-century.
Printing and the creation of the Armenian alphabet at the turn of the 5th century created a solid basis for the future cultural and
In 1856, the Kurdish language was practiced in written form in the Armenian alphabet and was used to translate the Bible from the Armenian alphabet into the Kurdish language in order for Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Armenians who lived in Kurdistan to be able to read and practice their religion.
GLENDALE - The Armenian alphabet was created 1,600 years ago by Mesrop Mashtots, a monk, theologian and linguist who was interested in translating the Bible into his native tongue.
The Glendale Central Library opened Saturday a month-long display on the development of the Armenian alphabet, one of several planned for this month in the Glendale area.
Armenian alphabet expert Nona Manoukian from the Glendale Public Library visited Matenadaran recently and brought back the material.
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