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an independent Christian church established in Armenia since 300

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Mary's Armenian Church on the island in July 1377 and was taken to Iran under unknown circumstances.
The WCC has played a key role over many years in accompanying the Armenian church in speaking out and working for recognition of the genocide, and for appropriate responses to the genocide's continuing impacts on the Armenian people.
From the annual Christmas bazr, to an Armenian Ball and to musical plays, the Armenian Church organises several events for the benefit of the Armenian church-goers in UAE.
The monastery came under the Armenian Church in 1504.
The Sabah daily reported on Monday that during a restoration project for the historic Surp Giragos Armenian Church in 2009, the Diyarbakyr Surp Giragos Armenian Church Foundation discovered a document listing the properties owned by Armenians before they left Diyarbakyr between 1910 and 1921.
The Bagratid royal family had just come to an end a half-century earlier, and the capital of Ani had been destroyed by the Seljuks in 1064, forcing the Armenian Church to move their center from there, eventually to the mountain fortress of Hromkla on the banks of the Euphrates River by the year 1149, where it remained until 1292.
The first Armenian church in Bulgaria was built in the 9th century in what is now Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv.
It recognizes "the exclusive mission of the Armenian Church as a national church in the spiritual life, development of the national culture, and preservation of the national identity of the people of Armenia.
It was on view at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church, which opened its doors to congregations from Christian Life Church and Christ Armenian Church, the two faith communities that lost their shared worship space to a fire at the Christian Life Church only days earlier.
Throughout 70 years of Soviet rule, the Armenian Orthodox Church was repressed and it is now "trying to rebuild," said Archbishop Hutchison in an interview, noting that the trip was completely sponsored by the Armenian church.
The Armenian Church is headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, and in Lebanon to cater to the Armenian diaspora population in the Middle East.
In 1952, Elizabeth married Henry Ahronian in the Armenian Church of Our Savior.
The Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Atrpatakan, Supreme Archimandrite Grigor Chiftchyan, asked the Aras economic zone department for protection of cultural and religious monuments to observe the norms of Armenian church construction in the restoration, Blagovest-Info reported.
Nerses the Gracious and the tense relationship of the Armenian Church with the Orthodox Church from the Byzantine Empire, especially with the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the second part of the 12th century.
ISTANBUL, Oct 7, 2010 (TUR) -- A renovated Armenian church in Istanbul has been opened to worshippers.
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