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a divine manifestation

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BEIRUT: There's no right way to cook for Armenian Christmas.
Armenian Christmas I'd like to take this opportunity to make you laugh and to wish my family and those observing the Armenian Orthodox faith a very Merry Christmas
But for a large community in Southern California, the phrase "Merry Christmas" was exchanged with enthusiasm Sunday after a morning of prayers, before a day of feasts, and during family and community gatherings as part of Armenian Christmas.
Armenian Christmas A question often asked is why Armenians do not celebrate Christmas on 25 December, as the rest of the world generally does.
We have never gone on sale before the Armenian Christmas on Jan.
Accountant Rouben Gourjian, 64, of Glendale was expecting to have more than 25 guests at his home Thursday night to celebrate Armenian Christmas, also known as theophany.
GLENDALE - In preserving the celebration of Armenian Christmas in January, more than 60 youngsters visited the Armenian Relief Society's western headquarters in Glendale on Thursday to pick up a bag of donated presents.
To demonstrate that commitment, the Armenian Church Youth Organization will start a $15,000 fund-raising initiative Thursday on the observance of Armenian Christmas.
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