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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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The Zayadia tribe Shura [consultative] Council rapporteur, Yahia Midaisis, said in press statements on Friday that an armed militia opened fire on a car carrying a family, 5km from Mellit, killing 6 people including a nursing woman and her son and injuring 4 others.
Today their hopes are being jeopardized by lawless armed militias who trample human rights with impunity.
The bishops insisted that the two candidates had to show their commitment to rid themselves of their armed militia, since the people could not participate in a ballot that could again plunge the country into violence.
Hizbullah undoubtedly has engaged in acts of terrorism, the most notorious being the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, but its role in Lebanon has long been more complex than that of an armed militia.
It is totally unacceptable for foreign countries to be supporting armed militia groups outside of the political process.
Hizbullah is the most powerful armed militia in Lebanon.
The defeat by a poorly armed militia over the larger and better equipped French army is a source of pride to the people of Mexico.
His armed militia, Junbish-i-Milli has reportedly killed and tortured many civilian communities in Kabul and several northern provinces since early 1990s.
March 25 2012 (TUR) -- Armed militia raided a Turkish hotel in Libya on Saturday.
Armed militia blocked the entrance to the Libyan central bank, demanding the resignation of the prime minister.
In its third year, the conflict has grown increasingly sectarian, as Assad's regime has armed militia among the Alawites and other minority groups.
By joint affords of armed militia and the National Guard after a short battle the gang was dispersed, mostly - localized and disarmed.
In a press statement, the Party charged that the kidnapping was committed by armed militia and some governmental forces, who occupied his residence for hours.
There have been tricky moments, bandits, armed militia.
TWO Cypriot men were briefly abducted by armed militia in Libya on Thursday morning over a 'private matter' only to be released the same day, sending friends and media into panic for fear they may have been taken by Islamic militants.