Armed Islamic Group

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a terrorist organization of Islamic extremists whose violent activities began in 1992

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See Uthman Tazghart, "Interview with Umar Chikhi, Last Surviving Founding Member of the Algerian Armed Islamic Group," Al-Majallah, part 1, January 14, 2001.
He joined the Armed Islamic Group - GIA - who conducted a violent campaign of civilian massacres.
France is no stranger to such strikes, with eight killed during a wave of bombings of the Paris Metro in 1995 by Algeria's Armed Islamic Group (GIA), a guerrilla Islamist movement from which AQIM traces some of its lineage.
On December 24, 1994, four members of the Armed Islamic Group boarded an Air France flight in Algiers bound for Paris, with the ultimate intention of causing a massive explosion onboard the craft over the Eiffel Tower.
Hattab joined the armed Islamic group in mid 1990s and founded in 1997 the
Al-Khirma explained that there is coordination and cooperation between the armed Islamic group in Zunjubar and the one that runs Azzan.
In 1993 the Armed Islamic Group ordered all foreigners to leave the country within 30 days.
The Polisario is a creation of Algeria, AQIM is the former GSPC, former Algeria's Armed Islamic Group (GIA), which is itself a creation of a branch of the Algerian services," added the expert.
France has not suffered a major attack since 1995 when the Algerian Armed Islamic Group killed eight people and wounded dozens bombing a Paris metro station.
The men listed were alleged members of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), an Algerian terror cell which has killed hundreds and has been linked with Al Qaeda through Osama Bin Laden's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri.
But he cautions that most of the civilian massacres of the 1990s were committed by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA).
There is an undisputed presence in Canada of known terrorist affiliate and extremist groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah and the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria:'
Nasuf, a "middle-ranking member of the LIFG", was said to be previously associated with senior UK-based Libyans with ties to the al-Qaida-affiliated Armed Islamic Group.
Nasuf, a "middle-ranking member of LIFG", was linked with the al Qaida-affiliated Armed Islamic Group.
Israel, having failed to convince Pres Bush to come out publicly against the participation of an armed Islamic group, Hamas, in Palestinian legislative elections, begins to backtrack on its own opposition.