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dry brandy distilled in the Armagnac district of France

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The Barrel Room of Wine Depot takes a detour from the usual reds by offering Armagnac.
The biggest problem for Cognacs and Armagnacs is, quite frankly, there are a lot of very good options for dark spirits that aren't that expensive to use in a cocktail," says Benjamin Schiller, beverage director of The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group in Chicago, which operates cocktail bars The Berkshire Room and The Sixth.
Armagnacs start at e1/47 though, and are accompanied by a range of rare and excellent new whiskeys.
A 1900 Vieil armagnac will set you back PS1,000 and a 1945 Baron de Signac armagnac is not to be sniffed at.
Bas' refers to one of the three sub-regions of production in Armagnac.
Vintages are Armagnacs aged 10 or more years and are so exceptional, there is no need for blending.
Within a few months, the combined English and Burgundian forces had driven the Armagnacs out of Paris; the French capital, along with the rest of northern France, soon became an English possession.
Full bar contains selection of grappas, cognacs, armagnacs and eaux de vie.
Medieval French kings struggled to establish their authority over the English, Armagnacs and Bourguignons; their seventeenth-century successors faced provincial revolts and the Fronde.
The 80-seat, small-bites spot boasts a staggering selection of about 350 brandies, Cognacs, Armagnacs and piscos.
Chatteau du Tariquet has also launched a range of five cask-strength armagnacs, aged for 15 years in old Chardonnay barrels and ranging in price from 58 [pounds sterling] to 103 [pounds sterling].
Los Angeles, showcases the heralded armagnacs of Laberdolive (1923, 1962, 1970, 1979 vintages) and the cuisine of Gascony, France.
The choice Armagnacs include Sempe, Larressingle, Janneau, De Montal, Marquis de Caussade and Marquis de Montesquiou.
Session attendees tasted Kappa pisco, Campo de Encanto pisco, G'Vine Floraison gin, a series of aged Armagnacs from Casterede, and cocktails such as the Martinez-like Vice and Virtue, made with pisco, Islay Scotch, Yellow Chartreuse, agave and Angostura bitters.
While Morton's uses brandies primarily in cream cocktails, they do carry two of the better known Armagnacs, Sempre and Larressingle.