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dry brandy distilled in the Armagnac district of France

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On my visit, though, Wine Depot co-founder Hazel Tolhurst surprised me with Armagnac, instead of their latest offerings of cabernet.
Armagnac, produced in the Armagnac region in Gascony, southwest France, makes interesting as a cocktail ingredient, according to Volger.
Offering vintage Armagnacs, cognacs, premium alcohol cocktails, vodkas, wines and of course, a variety of perfectly chilled champagnes; oyster's preferred partner in crime.
Neglected internationally for many years, the fortunes of Armagnac are on an upswing lately, with the governmental agency in charge reporting sales in the U.
The Chocolate Shop's Mark Young said: "In Gascony in the South West of France they steep Agen prunes, dried plums, in Armagnac and coat them in chocolate and we thought why not here for the festival.
The new products join Plum and Armagnac and Mince Pie ice cream to complete the Vale of York ice cream maker's Christmas offering that is available from restaurants and supermarkets.
The 'Grand Edition'CL is offered in black metallic, mocha black metallic and matte magno cashmere white, with interiors in three colours, designo aniline leather armagnac, designo aniline leather deep black and the lighter designo aniline leather porcelain.
A good get-ahead dessert to have up your sleeve is ice-cream and it doesn't get much more festive than this delicious prune and Armagnac ice-cream.
She continued: "Then you need to feed the cake with Armagnac or brandy.
The second sweet I have chosen is rice pudding served with prunes and armagnac, which again is a classic dessert that we have taken and tweaked to create a modern, restaurant-standard adaptation.
The best prunes come from Agen, in Agenais, which is also Armagnac country.
Fans swear the Pinot Noir-based elixirs from Germain-Robin outdo brandies from more famous places like Cognac and Armagnac.
WAITROSE SUMMER COCKTAIL BAR Tantalise your tastebuds with a refreshing cocktail or two at the 'Waitrose Summer Cocktail Bar', while soaking up the festival atmosphere ARMAGNAC MULE CREATED BY MARK JENNER FROM THE COBURG BAR AT THE CONNAUGHT HOTEL, LONDON Armagnac Lime juice Angostura Aromatic Bitters Ginger ale Sugar syrup ENGLISH GARDEN Gin Pressed apple juice Lime juice PINK GIN AND TONIC Gin Angostura Aromatic Bitters Tonic water KIR ROYALE Champagne Crme de cassis BAY BREEZE Vodka Cranberry juice Pineapple juice CUBA LIBRE Rum Lime juice Coca cola
It already supplies the big four with wine, but importer Bibendum has revealed plans to launch its spirits into supermarkets--starting with a renaissance for French spirit Armagnac.
For the pork jowl croutons: In bowl, combine Armagnac, peppercorns,