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Synonyms for coercion

Synonyms for coercion

power used to overcome resistance

Synonyms for coercion

the act of compelling by force of authority

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using force to cause something to occur

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He said that the Sharifs had always resorted to arm twisting the people and institutions to achieve their ulterior objectives and in the past they had attacked newspaper offices, stopped government advertisements, ransacked homes of journalists and used all unfair methods to coerce the media and quell its voice.
Luke walked outside and talked for 30-40 minutes, with no arm twisting or anything like that.
He really seems to come alive when detailing all the arm twisting and deal making behind various pieces of legislation.
After a bit of arm twisting from Lord Butler, he has admitted he got it all wrong.
I HAVE followed the deba te over tuition fees very closely over recent months,and as I watched the final 24 hours it struck me that among the arm twisting by whips, deals betw een Ministers and potential rebels,and no doubt much more that we will never hear ab out, the one voice that did not feature was that of the ordinary person -the voters who put these people into office in the first place.
Economic arm twisting could result in three major developments: Japan may suffer a severe economic crisis for a short time, it may concentrate harder on developing its trade with the Asia-Pacific region and the US business community may suffer serious economic damage.