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a band worn around the arm for decoration


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Kirsten Christensen, curator at West Zealand Museum who participated in the excavation, said two local amateur archaeologists found four heavy gold arm rings a couple of years ago in the same area.
The haul includes a medieval Christian cross, silver and gold jewellery, glass beads and rare Viking arm rings.
It wasn't the first Viking find in Wales and followed discoveries of silver arm rings off the Anglesey coast in the 19th Century and a grave on Benllech sands at the start of World War II.
The golden arm rings (called oath rings by allusion to an Icelandic saga) would also constitute a system.
The above figures are illustrated in FIGURE 1 together with the curve of the Pannonic arm rings of Eiwanger.
Another group of arm rings is mentioned by Malmer (1992), the gold-covered bronze rings, five in number, ranging from 30 g to 58 g in weight.