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Synonyms for underarm

with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level

with the hand swung below shoulder level


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From the tie-up position, the DW uses his far-side hand to grab the wrist that the opponent used in the head tie-up (right wrist), then drapes his near-side arm over the opponent's tie-up arm so that the wrist is at the opponent's arm pit (Photo 8).
Hips are meant to be hidden, so spend plenty of time in the dressing room to make sure pants fall straight from the hip and dresses fall straight from the arm pit.
However, within minutes any skepticism I had was washed away by the warm sensation generated by the machine's hand-held device as it was rubbed back and forth over my arm pit.
To help give you a feeling of connection a good drill is to place a headcover under your left arm pit, then make a few small swings with an eight iron taking the club no further back than waist height either side.
He underwent emergency surgery to remove the spike which had gone through his right arm pit and out through his shoulder.
In patients with breast cancer that may have spread to their arm pit nodes, CEA-Scan showed an accuracy of 85%, mainly by being true-negative.
This is often worse on areas of skin with the least hair, such as under the arm pits and between the toes.
Other spots it can address include puffs of fat near the arm pits and small amounts of pinchable abdominal fat that resist exercise and dieting efforts.
The ones that cause me the most discomfort are located under my breast, in my arm pits, and along my waist line.
Prisoners use their body cavities like the anus, arm pits or even mouth.
His hands came round under my arm pits and he put one hand on each breast," she said.