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Synonyms for underarm

with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level

with the hand swung below shoulder level


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After a few swings remove the headcover from your arm pit and hit some full shots remembering to keep everything working in harmony.
The ones that cause me the most discomfort are located under my breast, in my arm pits, and along my waist line.
Prisoners use their body cavities like the anus, arm pits or even mouth.
His hands came round under my arm pits and he put one hand on each breast," she said.
They had small erythematic crusted papules, hyper pigmentation over wrists, around arm pits, elbows, around waist (beltline), chest region both legs and ankles (Fig.
The oldest strolls by, wet hair trailing in the wind, school skirt hoisted to her arm pits.
Yeast infection commonly occurs in areas of the body that is warm, moist and lacks air supply, such places are the genital areas, certain skin parts, and mouth called oral thrush, arm pits, abdomen and others.
Vents - Usually placed in the arm pits (pit zips) or on the front of the jacket, these are great for those bluebird days where temperatures can rise.
com, has this advice on useful skiwear features to look for: Vents - Usually in the arm pits (pit zips) or on the front of the jacket.
Not only am I suffering from a sleeping disorder after getting up at the crack of dawn for the last eight weekends, but I have bitten my nails down to my arm pits.
The question about the assembly security must neither be provoked nor resolved by substituting the symbol of democratic sovereignty with people in blue jeans and colorful t-shirts who, with official arms hidden under their arm pits, inaugurate the ruling of a police state in the legislative house.
She did not have any swellings elsewhere in her body, like arm pits etc.
While awaiting help, cool victims with shade, water sprinkles plus ice packs in arm pits and groin.