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a clown or buffoon (after the Harlequin character in the commedia dell'arte)

variegate with spots or marks

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Stanley's early prices today: Tote Silver Cup - 11-4 Smarty, 7-2 Gingembre, 9-2 Arlequin de Sou, 11-2 Legal Right, 13-2 Royal Predica, 8 Lancastrian Jet, 9 Windross, 16 Skycab.
Arlequin is an admirable sort who beat subsequent Group winner Modun at Goodwood two starts ago and was then just touched off by Our Joe Mac at York last month.
Arlequin de Sou is in tip-top form having won his last two starts, and looks a big danger to the selection and I see both horses were also entered in the third race.
Pour ce chercheur, El Helqa du defunt dramaturge Abdelkader Alloula etait jouee en salle et sa derniere œuvre, Arlequin, a consacre son retour a la forme du theatre a l'italienne.
Analyses of molecular variance (AMOVA) were conducted using the program Arlequin (Excoffier et al.
The selection included Half of a Yellow Sun, based on Adichie's bestselling novel and the highest-budget film to date in Nigeria, while the opening night featured Being Mrs Elliott, an unusual love story with various twists and turns that had viewers at the Arlequin Cinema on Paris' Left Bank, laughing out loud.
Homogeneity in distribution of mtDNA haplotypes was tested using exact tests and analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA), as implemented in ARLEQUIN version 3.
Examinations for departures from HWE and for linkage disequilibrium between loci pairs were performed in the program Arlequin 3.
Compliance with Hardy-Weinberg expectation was checked on an earlier dataset which also contained 'excluded' alleged fathers, by the exact method [9] using Arlequin software.
Editorial note: Chimal published this essay in La camara de maravillas (Ediciones Arlequin, 2003).
Average percent divergence (d) between genera was calculated in ARLEQUIN 3.
Her love of all the horses was obvious, but particularly for Granston, King Harson, Hartley, who was sold to Hong Kong, and Arlequin, who tragically died last Christmas, which devastated her.
The School's three Deans are award-winning chefs Daniel Patterson (chef/owner Coi, Plum, Plum Bar,and Haven and Food & Wine "Best New Chef, 1997"), Craig Stoll (chef/owner Delfina, Locanda, and Pizzeria Delfina and James Beard "Best Chef Pacific, 2008," Food & Wine "Best New Chef, 2001") and Bill Corbett (executive pastry chef, Absinthe, Boxing Room, Arlequin, and Comstock Saloon and San Francisco Magazine's "Best Pastry Chef, 2011").
In this respect, the final strength of this collection is to suggest a reversal of the all-too-comfortable image of an anthropological divide between Berlusconi(sm) and the healthy body of a nation: in Mannone-Veltri's editorial hands, Italy sheds its tragic composure of character in search of an author, to assume the posture of an Arlequin wearing an appropriately grotesque mask.
st] for both the entire dataset and in a pairwise manner using ARLEQUIN (V.