Arkansas River

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a river that rises in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and flows southeast through Kansas and Oklahoma and through Arkansas to become a tributary of the Mississippi River

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Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum--Located in North Shore Riverwalk Park along the shore of the Arkansas River in North Little Rock, the museum experience includes the historic submarine USS Razorback and exhibits on other submarines and the tugboat USS Hoga, the battleship USS Arkansas and the missile cruiser also known as USS Arkansas.
The Arkansas River is one of the most commercially rafted rivers in the United States, drawing nearly 240,000 commercial boaters and resulting in an economic impact of more than $60 million.
The Peppered Chub is endemic to the Arkansas River mainstem and its major tributaries in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas (Eisenhour, 2004).
Under the terms of the agreement, Arkansas River Farms will have a 60-day due diligence period, subject to one 30-day extension, with a closing expected mid-June 2015.
Forty feet above the Arkansas River, the Junction Bridge is a wheelchair-accessible structure linking Little Rock to North Little Rock.
The distribution and status of redbelly dace in the Arkansas River Basin, Colorado, is less well-known.
The Canadian rises in the mountains of New Mexico, then meanders northeast through the Texas Panhandle, where it passes landmarks like Pickens' ranch and the caprock before getting to Oklahoma and eventually flowing into the Arkansas River.
Tourist structures on either side of the Arkansas River have already been damaged.
Holcim's facility lies adjacent to the Arkansas River and Bear Creek, which is a tributary to Arkansas Riven At the time of the EPA'S Inspection on Jan.
A lawsuit has been filed by group of environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife advocates demanding to block a project by Bulgarian-born artist to drape fabric canopies along a long stretch of the Arkansas River in Colorado.
com reported, the Sheriff's Department received a call that a 21-year-old man had fallen into the Arkansas River.
McKowen added, "Unlike many water endeavors before us who mistakenly have tried to speculate on the price differential between farming and municipal use by hoping to move water out of farming on the Arkansas River basin, we believe it should stay here.
A director with the state's Historic Preservation Program and member of its Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission, Christ examines the struggle for the Arkansas River Valley in 1863, which at great cost led to the return of Unionist state government and US control of everything north of the river.
Located in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley it has been serving its loyal clientele from its busy downtown location for over 3 decades.
The 300,000-sq-foot facility and an adjacent 80,000-sq-ft service and repair facility will be built on more than 100 acres in Reno County, which is located northwest of Wichita on the Arkansas River.
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