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We have record-book (size) bears in Arkansas,'' he said.
Wright, a woman known for an assertive personality, noted she was called ``The Baroness'' by a top Arkansas official.
She secured the support of the Arkansas Arts Center, the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture & Design and the central section of the Arkansas chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
The exhibit contains photo documentation and drawings of 18 selected Arkansas champion trees by Hot Springs artist Linda Williams Palmer who literally found her inspiration in the forests of Arkansas.
On February 11, 2004, Gene Sparling of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was kayaking in the Cache River Refuge's flooded timber, happy to be alone in an unspoiled place.
And it was enough to overlook the fact the defense didn't look particularly dominating (again), as Arkansas (1-2) rushed for 96 yards and gained 186 overall in the first half while keeping the ball for nearly 19 minutes.
Unlike the Louisiana effort, this Arkansas mission was top-secret.
The Arkansas man was kicked and beaten with his cane before he reached under his driver's seat, retrieved a pistol, and shot Moss in the head.
Pretrial detainees brought a class action against the Arkansas Department of Human Services, claiming that inordinate delays in providing evaluation and treatment of detainees who were referred by the court to determine their fitness to stand trial, violated their Constitutional rights.
A cluster of tuberculosis cases in a rural community in Arkansas persisted from 1991 to 1999.
It was through this collaboration that the African-American gay community in Arkansas -- who prefer the inclusive acronym SGL/LGBT (Same Gender Loving/ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) -- was able to build partnerships and find acceptance with organizations and businesses within the greater African-American community.
Insured losses from the winter storms that swept through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas could total at least $100 million, an Insurance Information Institute spokeswoman said.
IN AN UNUSUAL development for a dance company, a group of parents and patrons are facing off against the board of directors in a dispute over the leadership of Ballet Arkansas and its school.
Legend of a Reconstruction-era black labor organizer in central east Arkansas, as retold in the 1930s.
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