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Boozmans outreach to Arkansans is recognized in the Constituent Service division, one of four categories that includes Innovation; Transparency and Accountability; and "Life in Congress"-Workplace Environment.
In the first six months of 2014, 41% of Arkansans said they identify as conservative, five points higher than the national average.
Hubbell, an Arkansan hired gun, was scorned for being connected; Cutler, a Washingtonian hired gun, is lionized.
In response to today's action, the Arkansas Sierra Club issued the following statement from its Director, Glen Hooks, "Its a shame to see federal and state officials casting aspersions on the previous process--all the while ignoring the state agency's significant role in delaying clean air protections for Arkansans and residents of nearby states.
WRF contributes to shaping state and local policies to ensure that more Arkansans have economic and educational opportunity.
Arkansans hoping to vote for legalized medical marijuana may be waiting even longer than they already have if a group of non-supporters have it their way.
Thomason reports that another of the president's favorites for '96 was ``Shine'' (a front-runner in the Oscar race with six top nominations, including Best Picture), but notes, ``The movie he's been pulling for is `Sling Blade,' since he and Billy Bob Thornton are both Arkansans.
Long rankled by its hillbilly caricature, many Arkansans had dared hope the Clinton presidency would change things.
Our goal is to make it more convenient for Arkansans to deal with their state government," said Governor Mike Huckabee.
This is great news for hardworking Arkansans and it is great news for our states economy.
And the paper said the president roared with laughter when told that some Arkansans could not believe that this campaign would be his last.
a leading provider of multi-channel guided selling solutions, to provide Medicare-eligible Arkansans with valuable decision support tools designed to identify the best Medicare insurance to fulfill specific personal and financial needs.