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a native or resident of Arkansas


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Here's the full letter from the Arkansans contingent:
The court was shown CCTV footage of Arkansan with a group who huddled to light a firework, which was then fired towards a group of youngsters, who were queuing for an under 18 event at a nightclub in Broad Street in November.
A Piece of My Soul: Quilts by Black Arkansans by Cuesta Benberry with an introducing by Raymond G.
As Arkansan after Arkansan has died, resigned, or been demoted--Vincent Foster, Jr.
Most Arkansans believe that the system of funding political campaigns in the United States should be "completely rebuilt," according to the 19th annual Arkansas Poll, conducted by the University of Arkansas and released Tuesday.
I congratulate her on being named military spouse of the year and am proud to call her a fellow Arkansan.
Arkansans with diabetes are learning how to control their disease instead of being controlled by it.
Nonetheless, there are still many Arkansans who are uninsured and many who live in underserved areas without access to dental care.
Antiquities Film "is a great opportunity for a native Arkansan to do what he loves in his native Arkansas," Newton said.
When asked by Glassman about what his legacy would be as Governor of Arkansas with regard to technology advancement, Huckabee said, "That even the poorest, most dislocated Arkansan was able to see a significant improvement in the quality of life - be it education, delivery of healthcare and of information as a result of the technology initiatives we proposed.
New Position: Karen Konarski-Hart of Little Rock has been elected vice president of the American Chiropractic Association, the first woman and first Arkansan to hold that position.
EVERSTART-TOUR/OPER-BASS)(OPBAS) Arkansan Takes First Day Lead in EverStart Challenge Bass Meet; Anglers Compete for $227,550 (BW1417 18:44)
We are pleased to have this native Arkansan on staff to lead the station in the future," Walker said.
Senator John Boozmans (R-AR) service to Arkansans is getting national attention.
Having just come off a very successful race meet that culminated with our Racing Festival of the South, we continue to focus on ensuring Oaklawn provides Arkansans the greatest racing program in the country, we provide the newest and most exciting electronic games of skill, and we deliver a great entertainment experience to our customers.