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a department of Greece in the central Peloponnese

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Fileri FPS 01--Fileri is a polyclonal cultivar grown throughout Greece, particularly in the Arkadia province of the Peloponnese region.
Hours after police fled the streets, Arkadia mall on Nile corniche was completely looted and set on fire.
The shops are mainly brand names and if the shopping complex is quite tiny, just a minute's walk away you will find Arkadia mall, which contains many shops selling a variety of shoes, bags and clothes.
Kyparissia is an ancient town on the Western Pelopennese coast of Greece, and the writer describes it as a place of great charm and beauty, dominated by the Castle of Kyparissia, or Arkadia, as the town was once known.
At the end, we managed to get permission for three public and private hospitals, located in the prefecture of Attica, Ahaia and Arkadia.
The Arkadia Restaurant, near the castle, has great views of the river.
The biography from her record label, Arkadia, says she "is one of jazz's most prized possessions: a virtuoso pianist and master composer who epitomizes the history and evolution of jazz from traditional to free - and everything in between - all with a contemporary edge.
Finnish industrial logistical service provider Aspo Plc said on Thursday (11 January) that its subsidiary ESL Shipping Oy has agreed on the sale of the vessel MS Arkadia.
In the 470s and 460s there was unrest within the Peloponnesian League, spearheaded by Arkadia and caused in part by the rising of democratic Athens.
Tappeti Orientali from Arkadia features one of four decorative motifs inspired by Oriental rugs.
So it was a bit strange to hear them on the way to Arkadia in Ayr.
Investors in the two malls (called Arkadia and Wola Park) are confident that growth in Warsaw area consumer spending will drive retailers to lease their facilities.
My Arcadia put together hastily between one exile and the other is just as beautiful, just as noble as an ancient manor with pear and linden trees my Arcadia built of boards left by the Germans with each plate from a different set holds in it the silence of fullness -- the fullness of silence (Moja Arkadia sklecona napredce pomiedzy jednym a drugim wygnaniem jest rownie piekna, jest rownie dostojna jak dwor prastary z grusza i lipami moja Arkadia z poniemieckich desek z kazdym talerzem z innego serwisu ma w sobie cisze pelni -- pelnie ciszy) (19)