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Samples were taken during the ark clam fishing season (February-May, 2011).
musica populations located few kilometers from the ark clam bed (data from Peralta et al.
Therefore, according to the data registered, the capture of a single boat represents ~2,400 kg of ark clam meat and ~76.
musica populations located ~4 km from the ark clam bed where no artisanal ark clam fisheries operate.
musica, we registered the capture of other mollusks in the ark clam fishery.
Nilsson (1994) suggested that the redundancy of the visual system of ark clam Barbatia cancellaria, individuals that have a total of approximately 300 eyes, provides a robust alarm system that can discriminate threats from passing planktonic animals; can improve the visual signal-to-noise ratio, allowing detection of objects at low contrasts and at low intensities; and can reduce vulnerability to partial injury.
Eyes as optical alarm systems in fan worms and ark clams.