Arizona sycamore

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medium-sized tree of Arizona and adjacent regions having deeply lobed leaves and collective fruits in groups of 3 to 5

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Vegetation along this axis transitioned from areas dominated by oaks, alligator juniper, and manzanita (Arctostaphylos pungens) that loaded negatively on this axis to areas dominated by netleaf hackberry, Arizona sycamore, Acacia and Mimosa species, and other areas with high vegetation volume in the understory and midstory that loaded positively on this axis.
Tree species that are structurally dominant in more mesic riparian areas, such as Arizona sycamore, netleaf hackberry, and cottonwood, are especially important habitat features for many bird species in arid and semiarid environments (Bock and Bock, 1984; Powell and Steidl, 2000; Brand et al.
Propagation of Arizona Sycamore (Platanus wrightii Wats.
Among them were four trees that easily topped 400 points: a 455-point water tupelo in Southampton County, Virginia; a 435-point Arizona sycamore in Coconino National Forest, Arizona; a 430-point Shumard oak in Powell County, Kentucky; and a 428-point Engelmann spruce in Olympic National Park, Washington.
He's pointing to a pair of elegants in the throes of a mating ritual, centered around a huge and ancient Arizona sycamore.
Thirteen other new members of the royal family score in the 400s: silver maple, Arizona sycamore, Pacific madrone, American elm, common hackberry, two longbeak eucalyptus co-champs, and the black, willow, swamp chestnut, Shumard, white, and Texas live oaks.
Among the notable additions are a 249-point quaking aspen in Coronado National Forest, a 384-point alligator juniper in Prescott National Forest, and a 426-point Arizona sycamore in Aravaipa Canyon.
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