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type genus of the Ariidae: sea catfishes

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Likewise, the same reader helpfully observes that the Cappadocians do not refer to "Arians" as much as Athanasius does, nor do they claim to cite Arius as often.
It saved Arius and his followers the trouble of investigating God's inner life because it denied all internal divine relations.
This latter claim seemed fanciful to a certain soberminded theologian named Arius, who was a presbyter in the church of Alexandria, Egypt.
What is perhaps more surprising is the relative paucity of references to specific christological heresies (Sabellius, Arius, Nestorius, et al.
Fort Collins, CO) announced a worldwide license agreement with Arius Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nicholas is reported as having socked Arius on the chin.
At a special meeting held in Toronto on September 16, 2008, ARIUS shareholders and warrant holders approved the transaction, with 99.
shows a wide and sympathetic knowledge of contemporary scholarly discussion and debate, though the conclusions he reaches on Arius, Theodore of Mopsuestia, and Nestorius run against the grain of present trends.
Oxford BioMedica has corporate collaborations with Wyeth, Intervet, Aliga Pharmaceuticals, Amersham, Arius Research and Viragen.
Denying Christ's divinity is a very old heresy called Arianism, name after a priest, Arius, who taught it.
The comprehensive review undertaken by RiskMetrics ISS Canada recommends that ARIUS shareholders and warrant holders vote FOR the Arrangement and, in our opinion, provides significant independent validation that the transaction represents the best option for maximizing shareholder value," said Dr.
They steer a middle path between Arius and the extreme opinions attributed to Marcellus, and although they are willing to speak of two hypostaseis or prosopa, they avoid subordinationism by declaring the eternal generation of the Son.
BASEL, Switzerland and TORONTO, July 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Roche and ARIUS Research Inc.
In De creatis Methodius focuses his later criticism of Origen on the notion of an eternal creation of the spiritual cosmos and of divine Wisdom itself (Proverbs 8:22) which leads Methodius close to the position of Arius, a younger contemporary.