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(mathematics) a progression in which a constant is added to each term in order to obtain the next term

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Using the sum of an arithmetic progression with common difference 1, it can be shown that the nth triangular number is given by
Just in case you thought that magic squares were just amusing diversions and had no relevance to any other areas of mathematics, this very problem (construction of a 3 by 3 magic square all of whose entries are squares) has been shown to be highly relevant to problems in various domains, including arithmetic progressions, Pythagorean triangles, and elliptic curves.
6] are both arithmetic progressions (1), one can readily show that the sum of the six elements chosen as described above is
You could see if your students could discover that the number of fish for any value of C is C(C+1)/2, a well-known formula from arithmetic progressions which your students will meet later on in their mathematics courses, and is the formula for triangular numbers.
Among the topics examined are the distribution of primes (long arithmetic progressions of primes and small gaps between primes), class groups of binary quadratic forms, various aspects of the theory of L-functions, the theory of modular forms, and the study of rational and integral solutions to polynomial equations in several variables.
Primal progress Mathematicians proved that the population of prime numbers includes an infinite collection of arithmetic progressions (165: 260).