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the amount returned per unit of time expressed as a percentage of the cost

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6 and 7 draws plot of main factor effects on the arithmetic average roughness Ra and maximum peak-to-valley height [R.
2) The average growth as a simple arithmetic average of the growths with base chain:
The weighted geometric averaging operator and the weighted arithmetic average operator are presented and are used to the decision making area.
The geometric average railroad in 1998 is approximately 96 percent larger in terms of road-mileage yet carries between 107 and 120 percent more traffic than the arithmetic average railroad, depending on the intermediate output measure chosen.
Brealey and Myers (1991) argue that if monthly returns are identically and independently distributed, then the arithmetic average of monthly returns should be used to estimate the long-run expected return.
The mean or arithmetic average prices, which are more responsive to higher priced sales, followed the same general pattern.
In other words, statistically, if the arithmetic average varies over time so, too, will the standard deviation.
This price is the arithmetic average of the daily volume weighted average price ("VWAP") of the Corporation's Common Stock for each trading day during the three-day period ending on, and including, December 3, 2012, rounded to two decimal places.
The price per share is the arithmetic average of the official prices of Saipem ordinary shares recorded during the two trading days prior to, and the four trading days following, Saipem s announcement to the market of the capital increase - which occurred on 27 October 2015 - and, therefore, during the trading days 26 and 27 October 2015, and during the trading days 28, 29 and 30 October 2015 and 2 November 2015.
The ICIS East Asia Index (EAX) is an arithmetic average of the DES (delivered ex-ship) front month and second month ahead assessments for Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.
DELTA]RL = RL2 - RL1 :2RL Arithmetic average stock returns in the period following the establishment of a failed portfolio
At Campoona Shaft the arithmetic average of the graphitic schist in the 6 holes completed to date (sample size n=72; x 12.
The relations of the arithmetic average surface roughness, the surface roughness, the cutting force ratio, and the cutting parameters are proposed here as:
This sent me back to my old college textbook ``Modern Business Statistics'' and clearly ``mean'' is defined as arithmetic average and median is later defined as the midpoint of the distribution and mode as the highest point or most frequent value of the distribution.
A phylogenetic tree was constructed by the unweighted pairwise grouping method of the arithmetic average.