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one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers

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His willingness to engage with the idea of rights might suggest a willingness to look to other frameworks--notably, Aristotlean ideas of commutative justice, Kantian notions of right and other similar ideas drawn from the Western tradition of moral philosophy.
For example, following Korzybski Burroughs denounces the Aristotlean Either/Or opposition, and Burroughs's perceived misogyny is more fundamentally an aversion to the conflict engendered by the dualism of two sexes.
And, more to the interests of the readers of PSCF, Cahill uses Roger Bacon as his point of entry into a very brief discussion of the impact of Aristotlean thought, the practice of accumulating natural knowledge by means of observation, and the alchemist's quest.
More recently philosophical, psychological, and trial advocacy literature, as well as studies of juries, suggest that jurors reason and process information not merely as Aristotlean logicians, but somewhat more holistically, in terms of stories they can relate to.
In going this more Aristotlean route, Foot has traded her former challenge of coping with the sensible knave for the shameless agent who asks why he should care about being a good human being.