sea urchin

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shallow-water echinoderms having soft bodies enclosed in thin spiny globular shells

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The gut, gonads, and Aristotle's lantern (including muscles and pharynx) were removed.
Estimated Aristotle's lantern and test with spines dry matter production were calculated for each individual as
Final dry Aristotle's lantern or test with spines index of an individual was calculated as
Dry weight of Aristotle's lantern (or test with spines and peristomial membrane (g)) - Dry weight of individual (g) X 100 (7)
Final dry Aristotle's lantern to final dry test with spines index was calculated as
The organic matter in the Aristotle's lantern was variable and shows no consistent pattern (Table 7).
Effect of temperature on monthly gonad, test, gut, and Aristotle's lantern indexes (wet weight).