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one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers

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Rasmussen and Den Uyl use this insight of Aristotle's as the foundation for an entire case for recognition of individual rights and private property: first, by substituting "other people" for "fortune"; second, by showing how self-directedness as an essential element of eudaimonia requires the ability to interact with physical objects, hence the right to property.
This position requires Roark to examine closely Aristotle's telic, that is, end-directed, conception of motion.
Henry identifies five different ways to construe this objection and artfully shows that Aristotle's theory has the resources to avoid all five charges of vacuity.
When Paul Lettinck published his Aristotle's Physics and its Reception in the Arabic World with an Edition of the Unpublished Parts of Ibn Bajja's Commentary on the Physics in 1994, his carefully documented work opened a new window for understanding the complexities of the reception of the Aristotelian corpus in the Islamic scientific tradition; with this companion volume, he widens that window.
According to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, a thing's excellence may be measured by the degree to which it realizes its nature.
It is widely agreed that Aristotle's Prior Analytics, but not the Topics, marks the beginning of formal logic.
Aristotle scholar Jonathan Barnes has argued that we should not get carried away by Aristotle's references to 'being qua being' despite its 'pleasantly esoteric ring' (Aristotle, Oxford University Press 1982, 25).
2) Not surprisingly, he does not trace Aristotle's acceptance of plenitude to an overflowing source of being.
Al-Biruni rejects Aristotle's reasoning for his assertion that if the heavens were to be elliptical rather than spherical, a vacuum would be created.
As the first systematic study of Renaissance Commentators on Aristotle's zoological works--De partibus animalium, Historia Animalia, and De generatione animalium--this work fills a large gap in the study of Renaissance Aristotelianism.
Natoli sets out to remedy this by assembling all available information about Aristotle's life from ancient sources.
A reader's guide to Aristotle's Politics would certainly be a very useful thing.
WASHINGTON, July 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A complaint was filed today against Aristotle International at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by NGP Software, citing Aristotle's commercial use of downloaded FEC contributor data to enable its clients to solicit contributions.
The second deals with Aristotle's view that there are only six directions to space.
This guide to Aristotle's theory of tragedy was first published in Leiden by the Elzevir press in 1611 as an appendix to the Greek text of the Poetics and Hensius' Latin translation of it.