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one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers

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What is striking, too, is that the Vita Aristotelis appears to proceed along this track at least partly by following the rhetorical precepts laid down by Aristotle himself.
Das ist: Grundliche Erorterung unnd Aufflosung mancherley zweiffelhafftiger Fragen / de[beta] hochberumpten Aristotelis / und vieler anderer bewehrten Natur erkundigen.
DISY's Aristotelis Misos likewise said the bill is too generic, and argued that existing legislation was sufficient.
104-5: "ut dicamus quod omnes formae scientiales et morales ab intra sunt quantum ad potentiam susceptibilis, et etiam ab extra non solum quantum ad impressionem agentis particularis secundum modum Aristotelis, sed etiam quantum ad impressionem agentis universalis secundum modum Platonis, ita quod .
DISY MP Aristotelis Misos suggested it should be left to team coaches -- and not sports officials -- to determine which conscripts are eligible to play professional sports.
82) See Aristotelis qui ferebantur librorum fragmenta collegit Valentinus Rose, ed.
29), as does Asclepius, 1888 (In Aristotelis Metaphysicorum libros A-Z commentaria) 34, 11.
Omirou hired as his associate his niece, DISY MPs Andreas Michaelides and Aristotelis Misos, as well as DIKO's Giorgos Prokopiou, hired their sons, while EDEK deputy Fidias Sarikas his brother, according to a report in Politis.
Thomae Aquinatis in duodecim libros metaphysicorum Aristotelis expositio, Ed.
Saint Thomas Aquinas simply uses the Latinized Greek word epiichia, following Robert Grosseteste's translation of the Nicomachean Ethics (In decem libros ethicorum Aristotelis ad Nicomachum expositio, Liber V, lectio 16).
The issue was brought to the House Watchdog committee by DISY deputy Aristotelis Misos when he realised that the operational readiness of the civil defence force was being compromised by the fact that many registered volunteers were over 65.
4 % or around 2 000 individuals in non-breeding period) of the biogeographical population of Mediterranean shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii).
Aristotelis de physico auditu libro octo cure Averrois Cordubensis variis in eosdem, vol.
806, 797); Book 9 of Quaestiones Subtilissimae in Libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis (new critical edition forthcoming from Franciscan Institute, St.
Aristotelis Anninos, Marketing General Manager, Intrasoft, noted, "With the automated ISx / Intrasoft / IBM solution, OTE operators can devote more time offering value-added services to their customers.