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of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy

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10) Besides all this, there is the enormous variety of his thought, so singularly expressed "in the form of a detailed philosophical exegesis of the Pentateuch", (11) and the voluminous knowledge of Hellenic background which surrounds his work, to the extent that some consider him Stoic, others Platonic, Aristotelic, neo-Pythagorean, or simply an eclectic due possibly to the influence of Antiochus of Ascalon.
Practical syllogism or the reasoning of the action (EN VI, 12, 1144a 31, "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]") is presented by many scholars of Aristotelic works as a form of explanation whose intention is to account for the movement realized by the human soul from pure appetite or desire until the moment of firm action.
Modern science dropped out all Aristotelic aitia but the efficient cause, which is called simply "cause.