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a system of principles for philosophic or scientific investigations

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With regard to rhetoric, for example, the author seems unaware of the meaning of ethos in Aristotelian rhetoric, which involves the construction of the speaking subject as the operative factor in discourse.
Aristotelian Rhetoric, Dialectic, and the Traditions of the Antistrophos.
At the limit, the tropes appear as entirely formal linguistic structures that can be manipulated at will without reference to the implicit anthropology by which the Aristotelian rhetoric integrates them into a master social theory.
He describes Hamilton's reference to "first principles" in Federalist 31 as "Lockean" and "Reidian," whereas in reality Hamilton is describing the enthymeme in Aristotelian rhetoric.
But in doing so the study forces the connection to Aristotelian rhetoric, and more so because Newman's essay "Poetry, with Reference to Aristotle's Poetics" seems to suggest an anti-Aristotelian poetical and rhetorical stance.
The Scots rhetoricians Hugh Blair and George Campbell tried to synthesize Aristotelian rhetoric with the emerging science of psychology, and philosophers like Thomas Reid and Francis Hutcheson worked at developing ethical theories that could compete with Descartes and Hobbes.
Aristotelian rhetoric in Syriac; Barhebraeus, Butyrum Sapientiae, Book of Rhetoric.