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(philosophy) the philosophy of Aristotle that deals with logic and metaphysics and ethics and poetics and politics and natural science

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For example, Al Farabi has a text that says the same, and was committed to Aristotelian philosophy with a particular focus on the posterior analysis and the topic of demonstration.
belief that scientists are actually finding out about real things) is not the same as to adopt Aristotelian philosophy wholesale.
Subordination is a technical notion in Aristotelian philosophy of science.
A self-professed communist, Outopos' ideology is a mix of Marxism, Aristotelian philosophy and -- one suspects -- selected ideas from the 'Zeitgeist' movie.
5) Heidegger, Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy, trans.
Life, the universe, and everything; an Aristotelian philosophy for a scientific age.
from Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy of what they called appetite, spirit, fear, and reason.
European thinkers had inherited from the Greeks the idea of science as demonstrably certain knowledge, obtained by the methods of Aristotelian philosophy.
3 Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances (Samantha Rebello) Contemplating medieval perception via Aristotelian philosophy, Rebello's unsettling film blends church bells and grotesque stone carvings with bestiary images and animal flesh in abstracted, tactile close-ups.
The second part of the book contains the first English translation of the Tractatus syllepticus of Inchofer (a theological vindication of Galileo's condemnation), and of the first chapter of Christoph Scheiner's Prodromus pro Sole mobile (its scientific vindication), as well as the translation of several official documents of the Society of Jesus enforcing on members of the order a strict fidelity to Aristotelian philosophy.
To engage his insights, however, one must detach oneself from long-held medieval concepts of "person" or "soul," especially as entrenched in Aristotelian philosophy.
Aristotelian Philosophy vis-a-vis the permanence and changes in the world
Anticipating his more recent contribution, Andreas Libavius and the Transformation of Alchemy (Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts, 2007), Moran highlights the German schoolteacher and physician Libavius, who adapted chemistry to traditional Aristotelian philosophy and cleansed its vocabulary.
In Keckermann's work, and even more so in Alsted's, the clarity and practicality of Ramist organizational models was conjoined in an eclectic semi-Ramism containing both Aristotelian philosophy and various elements of Renaissance method from Agricola and Melanchthon to Zabarella (and in Alsted's case, elements drawn from Ramon Lull's combinatorial logic).
At times highly technical due to its depth and nuance of complex concepts, Aristotelian Philosophy is a welcome addition to college library and philosophical studies shelves.