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one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers

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Jan Rohl's helpful overview of developments in the use of Aristotelian method in Protestant theology from Melanchthon to Zabarella sketches--without benefit of reference to some recent discussions of the topic--how the former's thinking engaged the Stagyrite and was in turn put to use by Reformed theologians as they confronted the challenge of Peter Ramus and formed their own method of practicing theology.
We learn much of the mind of Leonardo and so much more: of the impact of Quintilian and Giceronian rhetoric on the formation of Renaissance thought, of Aristotelian method and its Renaissance application, of the new illustrative treatises of Mariano Taccola and Francesco di Giorgio, of the far-reaching influence of Nicholas of Cusa, of the geometrical and rhetorical underpinnings of linear perspective.
He wrestled with the issue of a just balance between Platonic and Aristotelian methods and values.
Albert, as it turns out, is the first philosopher to comment at length on this methodological text and to work out in great detail the application of the Aristotelian methods of division and demonstration to a zoological research program.