Aristotelian logic

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the syllogistic logic of Aristotle as developed by Boethius in the Middle Ages

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The consequence of blurring the distinction between a textual interpretation and a logical reconstruction leads some logicians to introduce Aristotelian logic as an awkward and sketchy draft announcing modern logic.
Traditional or Aristotelian logic is a philosophical practice that uses the concept of the categorical syllogism as a foundation.
Vegetarians may rejoin us for the non-meat option, though it seems to undermine most of the rules of Aristotelian logic.
Thus, although Bonaventure was more Augustinian in doctrine and Thomas more Aristotelian, their competing accounts could be judged by a shared standard: the canons of Aristotelian logic and Catholic tradition.
Marwan Rashed's essay draws on Greek and Arabic annotations both to illuminate the transmission of Aristotelian logic from the Byzantine to the Arabic context and to shed some light on the mysterious Aristotelian commentator Ilnius.
The country that gave us Aristotelian logic, democratic government and the god of wine slowly disappeared from the wine world despite sending many of its vines to vineyards in what would become Italy, France, and Spain.
The second period, less precisely defined by Gutas, but covering broadly the eleventh-fourteenth centuries, is represented by key intellectuals of the Western lands of the Islamic world who evince marked differences of opinion on the religious suitability of the employment of Aristotelian logic as an epistemological tool.
The Aristotelian logic of metaphor, in which a metaphor properly resembles the essence of a prelinguistic and determining referent, is compatible with--in fact, constitutive of--the logics of the transcendental Self and instrumental writing.
His famous Sic et non organized authoritative texts to emphasize their opposition, and his theological works attempted to resolve the contradictions according to Aristotelian logic.
Of course, I realized, the dichotomy need not be characterized in terms of Aristotelian logic - either television or print.
Through, out our lives, we have used this "crisp" or Western Aristotelian logic.
But if poetry is at odds with logical thought, how are we to explain the application of Aristotelian logic to aesthetics, an application that resulted in the development of the poetic syllogism?
Brophy appeals here to the antithetical structure of baroque thought, which she adapts in order to undermine the basic principle of Aristotelian logic, namely that "a thing cannot be both X and not-X"(3): "Baroque is an open, sometimes an explosive embrace of contradictions, intellectual and of feeling.