Aristotelian logic

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the syllogistic logic of Aristotle as developed by Boethius in the Middle Ages

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I personally prefer Aristotelian Logic to modern Predicate Logic, for I think that Aristotle's approach is more intuitive than that of PL.
This philosophical study peels back the surface of medieval accounts of the doctrine of the Trinity to reveal the dynamism and variety of medieval thought, as it brought Aristotelian logic into creative engagement with the doctrine's ontological claims.
Bolzano's syntax is accordingly substantially different from both traditional Aristotelian logic and standard first-order predicate calculus.
Thomas Bien's explanations of Buddhist wisdom shine a laser upon concepts that can be rather difficult for the Western mind, with its thought processes based in Aristotelian logic, to grasp.
Thomas Aquinas taught us how to use Aristotelian logic.
By the speculative logic the categories of space and time are transcend, conditions that leads to the paradox, in violation of the principles of traditional Aristotelian logic, assuring consistency and accuracy: identity becomes confused, non-contradiction is violated, the third party is included.
Hoping to contribute to the reconciliation, Loon explores Cyril's use of Aristotelian logic, meanings and metaphysics in the trinitarian writings, the first years of the Nestorian controversy, Contra Nestorium, and other writings from the year 430.
Aristotelian logic provides the basis to examine the musings of our leaders and funny jokes are the expurgation.
The organization of information as practiced in catalogs, indexing and abstracting databases, and other tools of bibliographic control is primarily based on traditional or Aristotelian logic.
Vegetarians may rejoin us for the non-meat option, though it seems to undermine most of the rules of Aristotelian logic.
Thus, although Bonaventure was more Augustinian in doctrine and Thomas more Aristotelian, their competing accounts could be judged by a shared standard: the canons of Aristotelian logic and Catholic tradition.
Marwan Rashed's essay draws on Greek and Arabic annotations both to illuminate the transmission of Aristotelian logic from the Byzantine to the Arabic context and to shed some light on the mysterious Aristotelian commentator Ilnius.
Their minds, and their bodies, work as one, but their use of Aristotelian logic to interpret scripture--which they argue brings one closer to God--actually brings them into fatally stark conflict with the religious authorities.
The country that gave us Aristotelian logic, democratic government and the god of wine slowly disappeared from the wine world despite sending many of its vines to vineyards in what would become Italy, France, and Spain.
The second period, less precisely defined by Gutas, but covering broadly the eleventh-fourteenth centuries, is represented by key intellectuals of the Western lands of the Islamic world who evince marked differences of opinion on the religious suitability of the employment of Aristotelian logic as an epistemological tool.