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Synonyms for Aristotelian

a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism

of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy

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Indeed, Inwood argues that Aristotelian virtue ethics (claims about the nature of ethical virtue generally and individual ethical virtues more specifically) and naturalism (claims about the basis of human flourishing in a natural human function, activity, or impulse) are theoretically independent (at least in principle) and that contemporary virtue ethics has largely exhausted what it can usefully borrow from the former.
Kodish has rightly asserted that the Aristotelian "worm" within "the apple of human knowledge" blocked the advancement of up-to-date scientific viewpoints and attitudes.
For better or for worse--and some will spiritedly argue the latter--questions concerning intellectual cognition and the intellect were therefore central to the Aristotelian tradition, starting with Alexander of Aphrodisias in the second century and extending to the debates concerning the immortality of the soul in the sixteenth (expertly recapped by Lorenzo Casini in the volume under review).
The introduction starts with general reflections about the rise of the new philosophy in the seventeenth century, which triumphed over scholastic Aristotelian philosophy.
Burtt mistakenly writes in the earlier essay that "whether the goal is preserving public liberty or creating an Aristotelian "structure of virtue" for its own sake, the virtue sought after is understood in the same way as this disposition to further public, over private, good in action and deliberation" (1990, 24).
There necessarily follows a discussion of the concupiscible and irascible appetites, the Aristotelian doctrine of the mean, and finally an extended treatment on friendship.
His main contention is that Pontano rewrites Aristotelian moral and political thought in a humanist key, and that his thought, centered on the notion of virtue, is far from being a strained Aristotelianism.
It is odd for Dyer to suggest that the persuasiveness (and relevance)" of the argument that "heterosexual unions are essentially procreative" is weak because "people who haven't already adopted a classical Aristotelian metaphysic" would be hard to persuade.
Michael Edwards' book is distinctive because it focuses attention on the numerous late Aristotelian thinkers who assumed that the soul's diverse functions played an active role in the concept of time.
De Groot draws upon the pseudo-Aristotelian Physical Problems XVI to reconstruct the context of mechanics in Aristotle's time and to trace the development of kinematic thinking from Archytas to the Aristotelian Mechanics.
This short book addresses the question of scientific explanation in the Aristotelian context.
He became convinced that a new orientation must be found and implemented because the politically dominant Western European peoples had, in his view, exhausted their capacity to learn through experience; their Aristotelian (2)metalinguistic patterns, like Euclidean or Newtonian physics, were operative only within narrow limits, and human experience had strayed into areas beyond the functional capacities of those pattems.
First, Aristotelian praise (epainos) and blame (psogos) are not Strawsonian reactive attitudes, like admiration, condemnation, and disdain (24).
Bloch, David, John of Salisbury on Aristotelian Science (Disputatio, 8), Turnhout, Brepols, 2012; hardback; pp.
This collection of essays presents contemporary views on the history of and present import of Aristotelian ethics, advancing both criticisms and defenses of (neo-)Aristotelian.