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one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers

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Acest lucru a tinut lumea in loc 2000 de ani, de la Aristotel pana la Galileu.
Platon si Aristotel in filosofia romaneasca", Project manager Daniela Maci, code 37, Oradea University.
Renowned Greek university professor Aristotel Tsampiris says in his analysis of the name issue that the name issue has an economic dimension and concerns the protective mark of a number of Greek products that include the word Macedonia (such as Macedonian wine or Macedonian alva).
En su "Guia" el intentoreconciliar la teologia del judaismo con las ensenanzas de Aristotel.
7) L'amicizia fra dispari, terizzata per laprima volta da Aristotel nel libro VIII dell'Etica Nicomachea (1158b 1, 12 ss.
Voice without clere understandyng of sentence saith Aristotel / right noughht printeth in herr.