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Two years since his departure from Arista Records, impresario Clive Davis shows he's still all ears
The Equitable, Spelling Entertainment and Arista Records.
Edwards, Mitch Moses and Vince McClean (plaintiffs) alleged that their composition "Caught Up," which they played for Michael Barackman, Senior Director of A&R at Arista Records in October 2002, became a hit single for Usher in November 2004, without their involvement, approval or knowledge.
Seated next to Arista Records chief Clive Davis, Houston sang along to Manilow's ``I Write the Songs.
net, Warner Brothers Records, Showtime, Capital Records, Disney, Arista Records, Premiere Magazine, Bloomingdales, New York Auto Show, Tribeca Film Festival and many others.
The Arista Records president invested millions in hip-hop in the early '90s, and claims chart-topper Puff Daddy among his proteges.
During Ron's 30-plus years in the industry, he has served as Arista Records CFO, as RCA Records SVP of Operations, and SVP for SONY Music.
It will also include new cuts,'' reports Arista Records chieftain Clive Davis.