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Jack-in-the-pulpits were identified to the subspecies Arisaema triphyllum triphyllum according to the criteria of Huttleston (6).
A novel mitogenic and antiproliferative lectin from a wild cobra lily, Arisaema flavum.
Lilium Martagon; Malley Terry in her garden; Capanula persicifolia; Arisaema candidissimum Stamens on a Goldwings rose Alice Artindale delphinium
Additional species are associated with fertile, mesic woodlands where soils are circumneutral or slightly acidic: Aesculus pavia (red buckeye), Agrimonia pubescens (soft agrimony), Arisaema dracontium (greendragon), A.
Among his most memorable trips was a trek through the Himalayas three years ago in search of species of plants such as Arisaema, Cardiocrinum, Diosporopsis, and Sorbus.
A chloroplast phylogeny of Arisaema (Araceae) illustrates Tertiary floristic links between Asia, North America, and East Africa.
It's Arisaema griffithii from the eastern Himalayas, the strangest plant in my garden.
However, Alpinia, Arisaema, Machilus, Michelia, Olea, and Symplocos have been widely sampled, with between 19 species (Olea) and 90 species (Symplocos) having been included.
GIVE yourself and your garden a treat by sowing something unusual such as Arisaema ciliatum which boasts cone-shaped blooms in deep chocolate brown with emerald stripes.
We grow lots of erythroniums in the spring and we have an unusual arisaema candissimum.
The 50% aqueous methanol extracts of four active extracts, Arisaema amurense, Lilium brownii var.
Late Summer- Spring species Summer species Fall species Arisaema dracontium Circaea lutetiana Agastache nepetoides Dodecatheon meadia Cryptotaenia canadensis Ageratina altissima Osmorhiza longistylis Galium concinnum Amphicarpaea bracteata Potentilla simplex Orbexilum onobrychis Hackelia virginiana Sanicula odorata Phytolacca americana Lactuca biennis Triosteum aurantiacum Smilax lasioneura Phryma leptostachya T.
Seasonal studies of three plant species Podophyllum peltatum, Arisaema triphyllum and Tipularia discolor were carried out.