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a member of the Caddo people who formerly lived in the Dakotas west of the Missouri river


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the Caddoan language spoken by the Arikara

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In 1845, the Like-a-Fishhook village of earth-covered lodges and log cabins was established by Mandan and Hidatsa survivors and, shortly afterwards, in 1862, their numbers were further swelled by the Arikara.
Here continue to live the descendants of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara peoples.
In the same vein, the Hidatsas, Arikaras, Pawnees, and other peoples of the Great Plains region developed comfortable, spacious, and durable "underground" housing techniques that were both extremely energy efficient and ideally suited to the tornado-ridden climate in which they lived.
Now, two years later, previously friendly Indians (variously known as the Arikaras, Riccarces, or simply Rees) had turned hostile and were doing their best to annihilate General Ashley's men.
By the fall of 1823, the hostile Arikaras had been driven from their villages on the Missouri, making passage north possible again.
While national policy encouraged farming among Native people, and newspaper accounts claimed the displays as evidence of that success, among the Dakota, Arikara, Mandan, Hidatsa, Pawnee, and many other tribes in the Midwest there was a long history of grain farming.