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Two common ariids in Paranagua Bay are nocturnal in shallow waters (Oliveira Neto et al.
During the night, sciaenids and ariids reach the tidal creeks due to the increase in their occupation area.
The most external zone, the lagoons and estuaries where the tide prevents stagnation and excessive increases in water temperature, is an important shelter for mollusk and crustacean larvae, and especially for the fry of fish (more than 400 species), mainly clupeids (Brevoortia), engraulids (Anchoa), sciaenids (Bairdiella and Cynoscion), ariids (Arius), centropomids (Centropomus), and others.
ariids, stromateids, and sciaenids, were well excluded by two recent TED gears in the Gulf of Mexico (Watson et al.