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Synonyms for Aries

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Aries

a small zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere

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the first sign of the zodiac which the sun enters at the vernal equinox

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If only the warped terrorists who plan the suicide attacks showed the same capacity for sense and humanity as Arien.
Arien started thinking of the Israelis she had known at school as she continued to make her way through the evening crowd.
The typical Aries was born to be a leader, as no doubt Arien William Hague would agree.
To reduce the frequency of these Arien "heads", you should walk in the fresh air.
Arien Chris is typical of those born under the sign of the ram in that he loves shopping for new toys and new clothes, but he's already starting to feel that he needs something more than money in his life.
Les travaux portent sur la remise niveau de portions de rseau arien HTA non fiable en modifiant ou en remplaant les lments dont la prennit n~est pas assure sur une dure de 15 ans.
September/October of 2000 will be a telling time for a big legal case, but this Arien bounces back.
Rservation, vente et livraison de titres de transport ferroviaire et arien et autres prestations pour l~ensemble de l~ubs.
For Arien Ewan McGregor, riding high as The Phantom Menace sweeps all before it in cinema screens, this is a time when he will begin to take more control over his own talents.
Emotional problems: The Arien mind is very strong, but your impulsiveness often leads you into stressful situations.
But Nick's chart also reveals a cautious Capricorn Moon, so here is a rare Arien who will make sure he builds a nice wee nest egg along the way, rather than just living for the moment.
Fourniture d~un bras lvateur arien compact de 30 mtres (chssis + quipement)
September 9 marks a special success time for Arien health.
Prestations de transport arien et maritime pour les lus, les agents et toute autre personne collaborant aux missions du Dpartement d~Ille-et-Vilaine ainsi que les enfants de l~ase pour le transport arien.