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Synonyms for aria


Synonyms for aria

a pleasing succession of musical tones forming a usually brief aesthetic unit

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an elaborate song for solo voice

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Government lawyers say Arias used the records in another way: He searched for information about people who had recently died, then combined information about people who had died with information about older physicians to file fake medical claims with Medicare and private plans.
At least two Mozart arias are included in each category, since that repertoire is essential for any young singer.
Succeeding arias in the volume are arranged into groups according to the type of occasion for which they were composed: weddings, funerals, name days, and expressions of gratitude and felicitation (several works in this last group relate textually to the serenade or Nachlmusiken tradition).
While still solidifying his reputation among his peers, Arias believes his youth works to his advantage in certain instances.
In an interview with the daily newspaper La Republica, Arias said he wanted the presidency to help Costa Rica by using his ability to achieve consensus.
Arias, who came to the United States from the Dominican Republic when he was eight years old, characterizes himself as a nature lover.
The firm's work assignments are written up on computer using a special document managing software Arias developed inhouse.
Jodi Arias, who famously told the press that she would rather get the death penalty than a life sentence, begged a Phoenix jury for life in prison on Tuesday, saying she "lacked perspective" when she made those statements.
Also on hand was Rob Lamb, Managing Director of the Canadian Opera Company, who accepted a cheque for $50,000 from ARIAS president Arija Stiver as a donation to the COC Ensemble Studio program.
Consequently, arias are an essential part of the audition package, and it is important to select those that highlight a singer's strengths.
Included in this list are all the arias from operas by Mozart, Verdi, Berlioz, Wagner, and Puccini along with partial coverage of more than fifty other composers.
A concept album in the best sense, this disc pairs Fleming with sumptuous operatic arias (most from long-forgotten works) that were familiar to legends like Emmy Destinn, Maria Jeritza and Rosa Ponselle.
Inside are four pages of story synopsis and the role the arias play in the story.
In a roundtable discussion with the UPS Latin America team, LATIN TRADE Editor-in-Chief Mike Zellner gets the lowdown from Thomas F O'Malley, vice president of cargo; Al Benki, senior vice president of Fritz; Joseph Guerrisi, managing director of UPS Capital; Hugo Paredes, vice president of UPS; John Menna, vice president of marketing for UPS; and Mike Arias, managing director of UPS Logistics Group.