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heretical doctrine taught by Arius that asserted the radical primacy of the Father over the Son

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What exactly could Arians have done in the last year to eliminate all those concerns?
Arians said Stanton, who will not be in uniform, ''is close, but there's no way I'm risking it.''
The Arians Foundation, whose motto is “A Voice For The Children”, aims to prevent the abuse of neglected children.
"Except the first Saturday of each month," Arians says, "we take that week to go camping with our daughter."
Arians took over for Chuck Pagano early in the season, so Pagano could under-go treatments for leukemia.
The major and persistent Arian heresy coincided with the advent of Constantine (306-337), the first emperor to protect and promote Christianity, though both Hadrian (117-138) and Alexander Severus (222-235) had intended to erect temples to Christ, the latter (who included a bust of Jesus in his private pantheon) being deterred by pagan advisers who said if he did, all the world would, become Christian.
Those born under the sign of the bull tended to be self-indulgent and materialistic, while Arians may have been borrowing to fund their love of exploration and adventure, the bank said.
Richard Rubenstein's self-revealing preface discloses the mixed feelings that for a time prevented him from finishing this book about the fourth-century Arian controversy: "What business (does) an American Jew have writing about the divinity of Jesus Christ?...
"If all things go well," Arians optimistically said.
Though sometimes suspected of Origenist and Monophysite leanings, Hilary became known as 'the Athanasius of the West.' St Augustine (Against Julianus 8) dubbed him "illustrious doctor of the churches." Jerome (Against Rufinus 41) calls him "most eloquent trumpet of the Latins against the Arians," elsewhere (On Isaiah 60) likening him and St.
Rookie Jake Arians drilled a 46-yard field goal with 63 seconds remaining as the Buffalo Bills defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-10 on Thursday to notch up their first win of the season.
"We went through a really tough camp injury-free and now weve got four broken left arms," Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Monday.
Naturally, he penned much against the Arians, both homilies and narratives, while showing a willingness to clarify and compromise over the semantic controversies of Homoiousion ("of like substance"), Homoousion ("consubstantiality"), Hypostasis ("person"), and Ousia ("substance").
During the last thirty years Adolf Harnack's and Henry Gwatkin's influential interpretations of the so-called 'Arian Controversy' have finally been set aside in favour of more sympathetic approaches to the 'Arians' or, more accurately, non-Nicenes (the former term shall be used only for convenience).