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This time, I wish to introduce you to the term 'member personas,' which Arianna also brought up during her presentation.
Founded by Andrew Milden, Khiara Brewer, Kelvin Brewer, Marcus Henderson, and Arianna Henderson, the on-demand service provides clients with the convenience of having their beauty needs taken care of in the comfort of their home or workplace.
My sister Lenore and I were ready to walk away at the very sight of it because we thought it was so dangerous with all the rough ground, nails and metal, but Arianna still wanted to give it a go.
My date for tonight's White House correspondence dinner Arianna Huffington cofounder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post #wethebest @ariannahuff @huffingtonpost
Utilizing Dead Sea minerals, Arianna offers a full line of skincare products.
Competition winner Arianna Merlin Fernandes, above right, and in Wellington Square, Stockton, above left, with mum Lorraine and dad |Leon, centre, second-placed Dolly with dad Ben Lambert and mum Kay Donaldson, left, and third-placed Dominic with mum Angela Lawlor and centre manager Rob Gildersleeve, back right
Launched in 2013 at the Burj Al Arab, Arianna has since expanded its global reach with an outlet in the luxurious settings of Peninsula Hotel in Paris and recently opening in Opera Galleria in Oman.
The seven-year-old became a hit on our website WalesOnline when he and his sister Arianna were filmed entertaining crowds outside House of Fraser.
She made a fortune by burning the candles at both ends while she built a media empire but Arianna Huffington's advice for the next generation of business leaders is to make sure to stop and smell the roses.
Arianna De Reus co-presented an ICIK seminar with her mother, Dr.
The luxurious multibrand Arianna store, the jewellery retailer's second after the one in Burj Al Arab in Dubai, opened on August 1 in Paris' The Peninsula hotel.
Hero Awardee Arianna Huffington was hopeful there would be a day when The Trevor Project might not need to exist.
You form a certain image," says Arianna Bock, a third-generation American Jew, to Slava Gelman, a twentysomething, first-generation Russian Jewish immigrant.
After telling Gabi that Sami plans to take Arianna away from her, Nick talked Gabi into having Aiden draw up a custody agreement between them for Arianna.
Following the launch of the Westin Well-being Movement, Westin Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Huffington Post chair, founder, and editor-in-chief Arianna Hufington, who has joined the 'Well-being Council' to lead the Work Well concept.