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Synonyms for Aryan

(according to Nazi doctrine) a Caucasian person of Nordic descent (and not a Jew)

a member of the prehistoric people who spoke Proto-Indo European

of or relating to the former Indo-European people

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Mae'n ymddangos bod y cwmniau yma'n croesawu rhai o'r plant "anoddaf", oherwydd fod yna arian gwell am ofalu amdanyn nhw ond, wrth gwrs, dydyn nhw ddim yn talu'n hael i'r gofalwyr a'r teuluoedd sy'n derbyn y plant.
Yiza cannot communicate directly with anyone in her own language except for Schamhan, yet she and Arian form a bond that defies their verbal limitations.
Now, Arian Technologies has been set up as a standalone company to carry out custom design work to complement Arian EMS's assembly business.
Arian Silver said its strategy is to focus on the acquisition and development of near-term production assets; the Calicanto Project, which had a carrying value of USD 602,000 as at 31 December 2015, is an early stage exploration project and is not considered core to the company's growth plans.
Dr Arian said: "Healthcare in Afghanistan is the most basic you could imagine for a developing country, despite Afghan doctors' hard work and dedication.
There are many salt diapirs that have been formed by tectonic forces (Arian, 2012, Asadian and Arian 2009, Pourkermani and Arian, 1997) Focal mechanisms of several earthquakes are thrusting and dextral strike-slip faulting in the eastern part and sinistral strike slip faulting and thrusting in western part such as Garmsar (Ms=5.
Nod y rhan fwyaf o bobl wrth newid yw arbed arian, ond mae cyflenwyr yn amrywio mewn amryw o ffyrdd, ac nid dim ond o ran pris.
He said Arian is the fruit of two years of expanded efforts by Iran Khodro's competent experts and engineers.
Arian Kamp (51) owns an agricultural company and has been closely involved with the Rabobank organisation for fourteen years as a local supervisory director.
As Arian requires a very expensive drug for his treatment, his family had appealed to the government to subsidise the costs.
The Tampa Bay Times in Florida reports that "Al Arian became a tenured professor, and won a distinguished teaching award in 1993".
Dr Al Arian told the audience of students, faculty, and visitors from Education City and the Doha community.
Arian is confident that obtaining this Exploration License will result in supreme value to its shareholders as it expands its operations in Albania and the Balkan region.
PANA quotes a statement on the official website of the Commission as saying the suspension ''is as a result of the role played by the bank in a complaint by Avil Services Ltd relating to a margin loan transaction with Arian Capital Management Ltd''.
Now star running back Arian Foster has posted the cutting remarks on Twitter - including his claim that Sunday's Super Bowl quarter-final would be no more than a bye for New England.