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a Buddhist who has attained nirvana


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SEATED YOUNG ARHAT (Luohan), Chinese, 13th-14th century, limestone with paint (gift of Ira and Nancy Koger)
7) DN 5 at DN I 145,32, which here forms part of a series of undertakings that are superior to the great sacrifice of the past: offering a building for the Buddhist monastic community, taking refuge, undertaking the precepts, and going forth under the Buddha and becoming an arhat.
Hangju Yeonhwadong seokgul sippal nahansang e daehan yeongu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [A Study of the images of the Eighteen Arhats in the Yanxia Cave at Hangzhou].
Stupas, literally "knots of hair," were originally built to protect the corporeal remains of Shakyamuni Buddha and latter arhats, but they latter emerged as places upon which to focus one's meditation.
When the bells and conches bong, the stone arhats grin in recognition; and when we leave the temple, Li says if she had to do over she'd never leave her village.
The West Garden dates back to the Ming Dynasty and contains some 500 arhats that guard the temple.
Buddhas (fully enlightened beings) and arhats (liberated beings) are free from the cycle of rebirth, but do not control the destinies of others.
One of its recent acquisitions is of the Chengzhou Shaolin Tourism Services Limited, which runs the "500 Arhats Temple" of the kung fu legendary place, the Shaolin Temple.
Moments like this one outweighed several pairings--particulatly that of Xooang Choi's suspended heads and the late Tetsuya Ishida's paintings of collective dystopias--where figurally or conceptually similar works were placed too close for comfort, as well as a preachy preponderance of testimonial realist painting (Gulsiin Karamustafa's "Prison Paintings," 1972-78, made in a Turkish women's prison during the artist's political detention; Liu Xiaodong's "Battlefield Realism: The Eighteen Arhats," 2004, a series of monumental portraits of Taiwanese and Chinese soldiers stationed on opposite sides of the strait).
It is not without a reason, not without a cause, Ananda, that the Tathagatas, Arhats, Rightly Fully Awakened Ones manifest a smile.
The ren-series code appears on the painting Six Arhats attributed to Lu Lengjia (see n.
They achieve these goals on the last path, that of perfection, when Sravakas and pratyekabuddha Aryas overcome the former and become Arhats of each of these classes and Bodhisattva Aryas surmount both obstacles and become Buddhas.
Objects from the Ringling's permanent collection are showcased, along with works of art from private collections in Sarasota, to represent the general features of the Buddha and Buddhist deities such as Bodhisattva, Arhats and Guardians.
Doctrinally, buddhas and arhats no longer produce karmic results from their actions, thus are ethically permitted to use deception with an intention to help.
25) These statements could easily be interpreted as pointing to the fact that arhats have rid themselves of the constituents to which one clings (upadana)--the very definition of the first noble(s') truth, and hence the burden itself, for it is of course duhkha, hence the five upadanaskandhas, that the arhats get rid of.